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The Importance of Africana Studies in the 21st Century and Beyond

On the night of July 31, I was given the opportunity to participate in the grasping of undisclosed information about the African slave trade via the teachings of Dr.Jahi Issa of the Harlem Liberation School. I was astounded by the data and analysis of Dr.Issa’s seminar, because for years I had I knew everything there was to know about the African slave trade.

Dr.Issa began his lecture by explaining the reason why Africans were forced into slavery. In addition, he clarified exactly how long Europeans were plotting on Africans in hopes of capturing them, and later on selling them as slaves. Dr.Issa’s continued to discuss certain laws that dealt with slavery, as well as illustrate how many of those laws were broken. According to Dr.Issa’s research, despite the fact that the trading of slaves was illegal after 1807-1808, the number of slaves in America continued to increase by millions, which meant African slaves were being smuggled into America. This information was most intriguing to me because, in most, if not all history books, people are taught that slavery was illegal by 1865, however the data from Dr.Issa proves that most of the ancestors of Black people today were actually illegally traded to plantations. Furthermore, Dr.Issa concluded by exposing the truth about reparations in America. While working for the Federal Government, Dr.Issa recalls, discovering files where most Japanese and Jewish communities received reparations for the harm done to their community. This shows that, although most communities were able to receive their reparations, the United States has chosen to ignore the needs for reparations to the Black community.

In conclusion, I can confidently say that the audience in attendance (myself included) truly enjoyed and learned new information on the African slave trade due to instruction of Dr.Issa. He should not only be appreciated his brilliant analysis and data, but praised for his courage to disclose his information with the black community issued gratuitously as well. After witnessing Dr.Issa’s lesson, I realize that Africana Studies should be implemented within the homes, schools, and neighborhoods of the Black communities.

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