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Pacific Rim Uprising: ImageNation Summer Film Festival Review

Source: OrcaSound

As of way of sticking to the action theme featured in the previous week’s screening of Black Panther (2018), ImageNation decided to entertain their crowd with a day filled with music, dance, and of course fantasy via Steven S. Deknight’s Pacific Rim: Uprising starring to John Boyega.

To kick things off, there were a couple of hours devoted to the stylings of DJ Mike. Mike made sure to please the crowd with a healthy mix of both conscious Hip Hop and family friendly R&B/Soul. In response, the audience sung the lyrics of numerous popular songs, as well began to dance while in their seats.

While on the topic of dancing, the crowd’s reaction to Mike’s mixings gave ImageNation founder Moikgantsi Kgama and executive producer Gregory Gates the idea to form a small soul train line before the film began.

Soon, participants started to gather around on the Marcus Garvey’s Summer Stage, and show off their signature dance moves, in a friendly manner of course. The best part about the experience was the fact that not only were the participants having a great time, but they were even encouraging one another as well. Witnessing this made me appreciate the screening taking place in Harlem, since the borough’s spirit is based on spreading love as a way to get people to enjoy themselves.

Last but not least, the awaited film was shown, and to say the least the viewers loved it. Pacific Rim: Uprising offered a plethora of action and thrill, but one of the most important attributes of the movie were the lessons within it. One lesson in particular that seemed to run throughout the course of it was the idea of one showing leadership, even if they may not feel ready. Protagonist, Jake Pentecost (John Boyega) was known as a character who struggled with responsibility and leadership due to dealing with failure in his past. However, when his team of Jaeger pilots needed him most, he was courageous enough to lead them to victory over the invading Kaiju.

Overall, the night was amazing, and everyone from the attendees to ImageNation seemed to be more than satisfied with yet another successful day of the ImageNation Summer Film Festival. If you would like more information on our festival or our organization, make sure to check out our website.

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